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Dirty Dog Taphaus and Eatery will be designed to have a rustic, industrial yet classically historic vibe. Our design takes advantage of the significant Swiss history of the 101 6th Avenue location by highlighting the Zweifel Jewelry archway as the centerpiece of the interior design. This new downtown experience will offer extraordinary design elements that allow visitors and residents to relax in a welcoming environment while having full view of the heartbeat of New Glarus. With handicap accessibility the architectural detail targets those of all ages who wish to soak in elements of our beautiful village.

The strategic business model of Dirty Dog Taphaus and Eatery will allow us the chance to become a part of the New Glarus and Green County success story as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Dirty Dog Taphaus and Eatery will incorporate a limited or in some cases zero contact experience by using no-touch tap systems and a strategically designed outdoor-“open air establishment” during weather permitting months and spacious interior design in cooler times of the year.

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